Monday, July 30, 2012

"Watch out for that tree!"

I'll start with the fail of the social-era Olympics in that on Friday, despite a rather lengthy search, I could not find the opening ceremony online (unless I was a cable subscriber, which I'm not). So, ended up watching a few hours of it at my Dad's before going to hang out with a friend and had a good time just talking.

Saturday morning started out way early, but that left me time to head out with Dad to the soft opening of the new I-580 connection between Reno (Mt Rose Highway) and Washoe Valley (at the former Bower's Mansion exit). I took the motorcycle while Dad took the Jeep and we crept our way along the 8.5 miles of new interstate. Very scenic up there and even ran into a few friends while standing at the center of the huge arch bridge. The big concern continues to be the wind, with as bad as it gets on the valley floor, a bridge stretched across a canyon to just channel that intense force seems ... Foolish? We'll see how often it becomes closed due to the wind racing down from the Sierras. Later went over to the bike demo setup for the AMA International Women and Motorcycle Conference. Not sure what was open to just public attendance, so just drifted around looking at the bikes set out. Then went home where the exhaustion finally caught up with me and I crashed hard on the couch. After I finally woke up, did some minor maintenance on the bike (and cleaned it) before heading up to the truck route again to get some pics of me coming around the corner. I'm looking further into the corner so my head's turned right, now to just get my body in line with the bike. Ran to grab dinner then met up again with my friend for dessert (for me anyway, grabbed the last chocolate chip cookie).

Sunday had zero plans and overslept anyway. Dad suggested going up to Tahoe to see what the Tree Top Adventure Park at Granlibakken, just south of Tahoe City, was all about. We got there, managed to get partially lost in looking for the ticket booth, got back on track, and found out the next session started in 45 minutes. I took the adult course (though the kids course looked very fun) and climbed, balanced, zipped, and cycled my way through the pine trees. I had so much fun, and surprisingly was able to do all five courses in the time I was there. It was truly a cool experience and I would definitely go back to play some more. More details can be found here: Had a yummy dinner at China Jade Horse before gearing up to head home. Short stop at a coffee shop to ensure I was awake enough to ride and then off I went.

Overall fun weekend, hands and legs are sore, I have mystery bruises that I'm not sure when or what caused them, and got to hang with family and friends. All good!

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