Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Rocks and some Art

This weekend was a chance to get out and do something I haven't done in awhile and genuinely miss whenever I cannot be involved, as least as much as I would like. I assisted the Nevada Rock Art Foundation with the field recording of a site near Fallon.

It was a site that I had helped with last year locating the glyphs scattered along the old shoreline. Some beautiful anthropomorphs and zoomorphs that are so heavily repatinated that it was near impossible to see them. One boulder was assumed to be free of any design, until the photography crew was nearby. Looking through the camera with the polarized filter, our photographer clearly saw a glyph!

We spent two days out there drawing, GPS waypointing, photographing, and filling out the IMACS form. Had several new folks who were out there training and a handful of us veterans. I got to spend a half day assisting with the GPS work, and then the rest of the time drawing. I love doing this type of work and if I could find someone needing a grunt to do the dirty work, whether in field or in the office, I'd be one insanely happy wolf.

Beyond that, I popped into Carson on Saturday night to stargaze with my buddy. Saw the rings of Saturn even! Sunday was a quick run to Reno to see if I could find a board game. Unfortunately, almost all the games are 2+ players and cost over $50 (the big role playing games I was looking at, like Settlers of Catan or Dungeons and Dragons). So, just wandered around Barnes & Nobel before heading home again.

Desert weekend

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