Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lame attempt

Endless nights under an unforgiving moon.
The ceiling offering no protection from the rain within,
Staring and searching for that which can never be.
Against all that is normal and accepted and assumed.

The trail unbroken save for a single path behind.
Footprints alone in the vastness that few can comprehend.
Surrounded by others, but a stranger in a strange land.
Alone in a sea of friends, a lost soul without a guide.

A companion to face the path ahead, beside and equal.
Back to back, shoulder to shoulder, utter faith and absolute trust,
That which society denies and cannot understand
Close enough to be more than friends, but never more than friends.

Look for the one who does understands, who also does not touch that way
For a moment of joy, before a night of sorrow.
Never more than friends, but a bond far closer than friends..
Reaching out into the darkness, seeking and finding...

A warm heart with a gentle presence, a cold nose with a steady purr
And a hope that sleep comes soon.

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