Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fire and Ice

So the Washoe Drive Fire was on Thursday and winter arrived on Friday. By Saturday morning, there was a nice coating of snow on the upper elevations and a nice sheen of black ice in the lower valleys. dad and I had a yummy breakfast at IHOP, before deciding to drive north on the newly opened Highway 395.

Crews were still working on power lines and homeowners were milling around their destroyed lots, but because of the snow, passerby's couldn't really see the burn damage. I glanced up into Pagni Canyon and failed to see the southernmost trestle from the V&T railroad. I hope something remains of those historic bridges. After reaching Reno, we took a look up onto Mt Rose and decided to drive up the mountain. While everything was covered, it wasn't actively snowing. So just slow and go all the way up and over and down into Incline. Drove along the shore back to 50, then headed home. I hung out with Puzzleman for awhile before returning home to watch Dragonslayer and have yummy Domino's Pizza!

Sunday, decided to head south to clear out Yerington and Schurz before catching the few stragglers along Hwy 95. Not too impressed with the short trail in Yerington but those are cleared again (later note, the original six of the now 100 long Powertrail.) Plus grabbed a few others before going and playing once again at the confluence tunnel. The highlight of the day was the two caches along the Walker River in Schurz. WOW, pretty location! And the cottonwoods would be gorgeous come summer and fall! Cleared up that town, admired what I thought to be an old depot, but a sign on it indicated a school, before heading north back to Fallon. I had all the ones along the Speedway, so hung out in the Jeep waiting and playing a totally addicting game called Temple Run! Back into town, back home, and another adventure finished.

Yerington and Schurz

Just cruisen

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