Friday, March 18, 2011

March 17th

Still commuting, so still waking up at 5. Soon, soon, I can quit doing this 1 hour 15 minute drive.

Grabbed a cache that was a giant syringe and the rubber had swollen so bad I couldn't get the plunger out! Arghhh I will not break the cache but come on!!

Work was Fab as usual.

Headed home and found a new portion of Old Hwy 50 that I hadn't been on before. Then found two benchmarks, one called Squee even had the intact wooden tripod lying nearby!!

Home for dinner and then off caching with Puzzleman in Reno! Company definitely makes caching better!

Day 55 of my streak, two more and I'll pass Puzzleman's record. Sweet!


HiddenCaches said...

A syringe geocache?! That's kind of cool. Did you take any pictures?

Teri said...

Unfortunately no I was too busy trying to get the thing open. But if you imagine a syringe, after you pulled the plunger out, the part where the liquid would normally go is where is log book and the swag was. It was one of the giant ones that come out around about halloween.