Monday, February 13, 2012

An Epic Adventure

Getting closer to my goal of clearing out Churchill County. Down to 17 caches! (Most left here in Fallon, but enough scattered around that it's just irritating! LOL)

Got a bug to swing by Reno and grab a real knife. Now that I actually have a belt that I'll wear every time I go out, I figured it would be beneficial to actually have a knife that was usable if I ever end up in a situation where I am truly stuck or lost. So, I got me one! Here's a review of it that I found,

Then I headed up to Fernley to grab a cache that DarkStar had told me about. I got a kick out of the two logs already on it and figured I wanted to try my hand at this epic adventure. It's premium member only, so if you have that account at, you can check it out here: Erich Scala, or for those not Premium Members, here is my cache log. Part 1 and Part 2

After that, I went after the goals for the day. A multi (Too Washed Up - DNF), Eagle Rock (cleared a prior DNF), Eagle Salt Works, and Ghosts of the Desert - Leete, Nevada. So, now all I have up there is the one multi and that whole corner is cleared.

I am liking the way my map is looking. Big giant island in the sea of caches!


Cool map thingy!

An Epic Adventure

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