Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

While it seems most businesses would like people to believe the way to spend the Fourth is to go out and blow your paycheck - I spent it going out and enjoying one of the benefits of Freedom. By Geocaching!

182 to go!

You found Dino Overlook, TJ's Lyon, Silver Springs Pass, Safe Keeping, Flood Gate: Pioneer Funnel, Flood Gate: Channel Through the Desert, Nikki's Super Secret Spot!, Boots Booty, Chicken Little, Flood Gate: Waterfall, Flood Gate: Hayden Torrent, Fishheads 2, flood gate fields, Four Way Stop, Patches Place, Liberty Pond, Poodle Pines, Dairy D' Lights, Little Ballpark, Oats Park, Where did Dolf go?, Big Ballpark, Fallon welcomes you, Pioneer Women

You couldn't find Twilight Zone, Flood Gate: Conrad Waterfall, Flood Gate:Allyn, Squirt's Revenge!, "The Handyman" Cache, Keddie Cache, Hay, can i have a ride?

You posted a note for Dead Bug

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