Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blowing smoke

Okay, to explain the last post - simply, I was depressed. Really, really depressed. And it took 6 days to get out of it. So...

39 caches in 3 days? BRING IT ON!

And I'm happy to report - as of Thursday, July 31st - I'm at 1989. Tomorrow I'll bag the remaining 6 to give me 1995. Saturday we fly to Seattle and I cross over that next milestone in style!

NevadaWolf found ONE IN, ONE OUT 3, Grace Rocks, Canyon Creek, Reno's Best Thai #2, Pathway to Nowhere, Northgate forest, Holey Smokes West, Movie Title Series #6, Desert Research Institute/Dandini Gardens, Back, Back Nine, California Sea Hare, West of Pyramid Hwy 3.5, West of Pyramid Hwy 2.5, West of Pyramid Hwy 5, West of Pyramid Hwy 6

NevadaWolf found Love....., Shell Shocked, Cold Ducks, Crouching Cacher, Hidden Logbook, Buckbean Bounty, Corporate Capital not Business Bucks, The Simpsons Movie Series - No Dumping, Anchors Away, Evil Lil'Box, Meter-free Park(ing), Not a Whomping Willow, A.H.R.:#6 TEAM LAUGHING GRAVY, Eat and sleep, Troop 4, Cache For Class

NevadaWolf posted a note for CharliePop's Evening Happy Hour(s) #2

NevadaWolf found Deep Sea Angler Fish, Is this a Meadow or was this a Mill? - Rally 2007, Below the Top of Ophir Hill - Rally 2007, Checkpoint X1 - Rally 2007, Checkpoint X2 - Rally 2007

NevadaWolf couldn't find Above Jumbo in American Ravine - Rally 2007

NevadaWolf found Old Mt Rose Hwy, R5 Stop-N-Go: Inclined 2 Play, Mile Marker #8, Mile Marker # 7, Mile Marker # 5-II, Tahoe Streams 8...Ward Creek, Tahoe Streams 6...Blackwood Creek, Tahoe Streams 5...Madden Creek, Tahoe Streams 3...Quail Creek, Tahoe Streams 1...General Creek, Mile Marker # 61, Mile Marker # 59, Mile Marker # 54, Tahoe Streams 2...Cascade Creek, LT003 Stateline

NevadaWolf couldn't find Mile Marker #49 Where's the Marker?, Tahoe Streams 7...Trout Creek, Off the Deep End; but The Deep End is Gone!, Skylandia Park, Mile Marker # 4, LOOKING FOR PROPERTY


AA said...

If you're headed to Seattle, don't pass up an opportunity to do Tunnel 9: Mission of Light (and the nearby caches). You won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the point of going to Seattle is to get both the A.P.E. cache and visit Groundspeak Headquarters. I'm celebrating my 5th year geocaching anniversary in style!