Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Playing catch-up

Gee, talk about an interruption in the routine. This day job is getting in the way of having fun!

Truck was fixed by the next Monday, though over the weekend, me and Trekrr went out and checked on my newly adopted cache, 4 or 5 crazy guys. I simply converted it to a traditional and resubmitted a cache listing to Road Bird for publication. But we did have a wicked off-road trip as we came in from 95 near Weeks and bounced our way along Churchill Canyon, with Trekrr reliving the first trip he'd taken down that road. We even found a few caches along the way, including an FTF up near the ruins of Como which no one had been able to find due to incorrect coordinates. We found it simply cause of a little logical thinking.

For awhile, b0neZ and I have just been grabbing the few caches that pop up here in town or in the surrounding area. Though I did come down with a extreme case of cabin fever, so we went up to Reno and grabbed a handful before Trekrr and I bounced our way along the old Dayton Toll Road which leads from Dayton up to Silver City. We went out there cause b0neZ and I had "found" the little Dayton Museum and loved the place so much, he set a cache out front in order to draw more geocachers there and hopefully raise awareness of this little gem.

For awhile now, Trekrr's been talking about setting out a cache series / puzzle based on the Clue game. After a small goof (my fault really, I didn't know the email restriction for getting the final coords for puzzle caches) he submitted his entire series and 6 new caches graced Carson. Course, b0neZ and I had headed to Reno that evening after work, and got back just as the sun was going down. Still we tried for a least one FTF, but Big Truck Crew and Lil Miss Muffit had already scored the entire series, save one. Oh well, the culprits weren't going anywhere and I was able to finish the series within a few days.

We also attended Reno's event of the World Wide Flash Mob III at 10am and after hanging out with about 20 people, went for a few caches and stopped into a liqudation store. Nothing much of interest. The main goal that afternoon was to go out to visit b0neZ's folks for Mother's Day, but she told us to not come out to save gas. So, instead we waited for a friend of his at a casino who unfortuantely didn't manage to make it over to visit with us - but its forgiven as his friend was visiting an aunt. Monther's Day we went up to Tahoe and hung out with my Mom and Jim and enjoyed a long brunch before coming back home.

Since then, it's been simple grabs that we've managed to come across during the day. The BIG news is coming up towards the end of this week as preparations for GeoWoodstock 6 swing into high gear and cachers from around the world descend upon poor Wheatland. And you know I'll be writing a report on that!!

My Caching activity lately:

You Found:
Between 4/19/2008 and 5/20/2008: Dino Egg Quick Grab 2, Como-Como, Rhino Riders, Doggy Doo Doo, Carson's Big Cool Trees, Just Over The Mill, I Mean Hill, NevCachers There Is No Toll On This Road, Bridges of Manzanita, Down By the Lake, Movie Title Series #1, Eagles Have Bad Breath, A Year of Change, Cache Loan, coins-r-us, Movie Quotes - Part 3, The WayBack Machine, Out Walkin (Again), Middle of NoWhere!!, I DIDN'T DO IT #2, I DIDN’T DO IT #1, I DIDN'T DO IT #5, I DIDN'T DO IT #3, Circle Those Wagons, Riff Raff, I DIDN'T DO IT #4, THE WHO, WHERE AND WITH WHAT FINAL CACHE, Conestoga & Altoids, Is anybody out there?, Jacks Valley Old #1, Geocoin & TB Bank... of the West

You Attended
5/10/2008: WWFM III - Reno, Nevada

You Didn't Find
4/27/2008: The Woman with the Bowl

You Archived:
4/19/2008: FST: 4 or 5 Crazy Guys, FST: Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death

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