Friday, March 14, 2008

They call the wind Mariah

And so was the theme today!

I'd originally scheduled today to head out hiking with Mama Gravy, candy corn, geospyder, and Nicole. Sadly - candy corn had obligations, spyder needed to be home, and didn't hear back from Nicole - so it was another glorious Girly Day for Ms. Gravy and Me.

We started with Randalh's Austere Academy, a clever clever puzzle cache - of which Randy is excellent at - and after a few tinkering, we managed to get the correct coordinates to the final stage and viola! One found cache. Continuing up the hill, we bagged another cache that I'd always thought was higher up the hill than it turned out to be, but we got there quickly and with few stops.

Unfortunately, the wind was biting cold and my ears were stinging - plus I wasn't feeling too hot myself - so we headed back down to the truck and proceeded to grab some urbans that were down on this end of Reno. A few clever ones, a couple that Gravy hadn't found yet, and a string of Safe1's brought my total up to twelve today. Not too bad with it being as cold as it was.

Today I continue training, though Mike it picking things up very well. I'm positive by the end of the week he'll be sailing through the closing shift. He's enjoying it and I wish him the best.

You found Moab in Reno, A Series of Unfortunate Caches:The Austere Academy, Beautiful View, Itsy, Bitsy Spider…, Groover Duty Too, Play'in with the Sitter!, rooted in the foothills, Damonte Hole #1, Damonte Hole #2, Damonte Hole #3, Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - Track 3, Movie Quotes - Part 2, and Peleg Brown Ranch/Louis Damonte Ranch

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