Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quickie before Class

I made an appointment to be at the High Tech Center at noon - which the teacher said should be alright. But, I wanted to get the project started and b0neZ was heading to bed, so I dropped in at 11am.

Oh yeah, the High School is still in session - and they were using Pod 5 so I had to wait until noon anyway. So I went caching.

There's two caches at the south end of Washoe Valley that I've been staring at for awhile, today I decided to get them (something about cleaning up the nearest 5 miles to me). Both were easy to find, and took less than a half hour for both. The biggest adventure was tromping through the sagebrush on the way to the second because, while I'm happy to pay State Park fees if I'm actually using the park, it seems silly to shell out cash I don't have for a 5 minute visit. So, I walked.

Later at class, sailed through the mid-term and got to work on the project. We're mapping out incidents of crime over the last several years using the UCR provided by the Sheriff's Office. But, I found that I can't add records and then put a dot on the map - need to do it the other way around. Course, between the years of 2003 and 2007, there's several thousand. So I started investigating "Geocoding" - assigning a lat/lon to a physical street address. The teacher told me that we'll be doing that next semester - I countered with the project was due *this* semester.

I love the internet - found a site that I can load ALL my addresses into and it'll spit out the coordinates.

Take that!!

You found Hot Spot, and Gail's Willow Beach Cache.

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