Sunday, March 9, 2008

D minus 9

See? Pretty!!

Have you ever given a two weeks notice - with the only reason being one specific issue - but as each day progresses, you begin to see more and more reasons why its a good idea to leave? Things you won't miss, in fact will be glad to never have in your life again?

The constant noise from the slots, the endless smoke, the same thing day after day. And the people! Now, don't get me wrong, I love helping customers. I really enjoy being able to HELP, especially those who genuinely are seeking help. But gamblers are a different issue - for a gambler, they expect you to just stand silent to their nonstop abuse of being the personification of the casino. I know none of it is personal, but it wears you down as its never-ending.

What am I on? 9 days - 8 of which I know I'll be working and training.

9 days... I can make it.

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