Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cachers Anonymous Reno Chapter 911

First meeting of geocachers without an event!!

Today was the first time in a LONG time that I've had Friday off - so the chance to go up and hang out with a bunch of cachers after work was far too tempting to pass up. We were talking about it on the GBES and NGA forums, and tonight is the night. Both b0neZ and I were able to make this one and we hung out and had a great time with LostInReno, moonchaser, NVGreenGecko, Nexus-Wanderer, and geospyder.

Course, to prove our addiction to caching, we had to pick up two new ones on the way up. Unfortunately, for us anyway, both new ones were insanely close to CharliePop's business, so we scored only STF's. But on the second cache, a blue Jeep rolled by us at a mere 5 MPH clip and running along side full speed ahead was a bouncing bundle of white fluff. Hilarity insued as both of us cracked up over this tiny puff of a dog trying its little best to keep up with the Jeep (or pass the Jeep - we couldn't tell, we were laughing too hard).

Then, today (Easter) I got the bug to go hide some new caches. So, Carsonites, you'll have 7 new caches once RoadRunner gets off his lazy feathered butt and pushes the button. ((Kidding, RR, you know we love you!))

3/21/2008 You found Hole At The Summit, Hole At The Junction

3/21/2008 You hid Limited Time Only, Th-Egg-rical, Egg-ucational, Egg-le Station, Egg-cellent View, Egg-calibur, Egg-in-One


Rake said...

A good looking group.

John said...

LTNS stranger. Was thinking about you this weekend. Decided to go GeoCaching. Well unfortunately we weren't able to get to the store to get the GPS until about 7, and then the blasted thing wouldn't pick up any satellites. And by the time we got to the first cache it was pitch black out. Attempt to find it. Complete and utter failure.

NevadaWolf said...

Hey John!!!

Sorry I haven't been on lately - I just forget to fire up MSN, plus I tend not to turn my computer on all that often. Too much time on my phone.

Email me if you still have my address.