Sunday, March 30, 2008

Box Falls and Dixie Valley (again)

What an awesome day and to share it with the best group of cachers out there.

Thanks to Abeyoni, Geo-Jeepers, geospyder, LostInReno, NVGreenGecko, and jimmyreno, this had to have been the funnest caching trip I've had in awhile. I love these group outings where it's like a mass assult on the caches unlucky enough to get in our way.

The picture shows all of us doing John's famous line "We're Burning Daylight!"

Another trip out to Dixie Valley, this time with a bunch of folks who had never been out to the great slot canyon save for geo-jeepers. Everyone was very impressed, and we had so much fun working our way up into the canyon. Abe even tried to get up onto the fifth level - though even he was unable to stretch himself that high.

We hit a bunch of other caches and I even got eight new caches, one up a steep ridgeline that offered a wonderful view of the whole valley. Then we went back up to the site of the helicopter crash and I managed to remember where it was we were supposed to go even after several years passing since I had found it. Off-set caches are so fun... not! And I managed to remember where the cache was at the pond that was over 400 feet off from the posted coordinates.

It was a great day, and we managed to grab dinner before I headed back for a well-deserved rest.

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